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(I-Isn’t this an indirect kiss!? Ayumu-san, what were you thinking!?)

(Huh? But I’ll share a sip with you in the university sometimes, right?)

(I-It’s alright if you’re sharing with me. It’s me!)

(Y-You’re still asking why…! Uh, …r-right, it’s because we’re the same gender!)

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(The same gender? Ah, that’s fine. Keita and I are just the same, anyway.)

Ao’s still protesting next to me, but I just want to drink coffee. So, I ignored her and prepared to take the can from Keita-

-During this time, the cutscene is over.

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Ao and my voice overlapped each other. Currently, a bunch of mysterious enemies is attacking the protagonist on the screen. …This means I have to start some violent controls immediately.

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Anyway, Ao went back and pretended to be playing the game. At the same time, I quickly controlled the protagonist under the kotatsu-

“Hmm? Kiriya-san, what’s wrong? Please take the coffee now.”

“Eek! Uh, no, look, …right now, the game is…”

“Huh? Yeah, Saika-san’s giving her best, and she’s an expert. But she’s playing on her own, …Kiriya-san, you can still drink the coffee, right. Take it, just get your hands out of the kotatsu now…”

Keita’s getting closer as he said that. Hey, I bet this guy found out already, and he’s just messing with me on purpose! Even though this is just a coincidence, he’s too talented at pranking people!

I tried my best to control the game under the kotatsu as I started making up excuses.

“Uh, well, …yep, I guess I don’t want it. I just drank coffee.”