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And I cannot interfere with another group's answer using my own phone. There are other methods but there's no time and the stakes are high. If I had information that could completely overturn the tables that's another matter. The ones holding the key to that are Class D's Hirata and Kushida. "This is impossible". There are three more days including the holidays. What's impossible is impossible after all.

Even if I gain both of their absolute cooperation, I still don't have enough eyes and ears on my side. I cannot know what is happening in the discussions of every group there is. Of course, including Horikita and Sakura, there might still be a possibility left. As expected, I need more eyes and ears on my side for this exam.

A sky full of stars spread out before me. I had stumbled onto the deck of the ship at night trying to find a place. "This is amazing...". It was an order of magnitude above what we usually see in books and pictures. It was a beautiful sight. This is the sort of night view you won't be able to see in large cities. And there were a few male and female students looking up at the starry sky while holding hands and rubbing shoulders. I felt a bit lonely watching that. Since it was dark out with little light I could not see their faces. And I don't care much for romantic outings like that anyways.

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But among the students looking up at the night sky there was one girl who was standing alone in a silhouette. "No, no". Even if I called out to her now, I can't just say 'why don't we view the stars together' and try to pick her up that way. I don't want to be there when her boyfriend arrives. But I was interested to see who that girl is so I approached her. The girl noticed me and turned to look at me. "A...a...Ayanokouji-kun?". "That voice...is it Kushida?". And so the girl, Kushida, emerged out of the shadows with a surprised face looking at me.

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"Are you...alone?". Perhaps Kushida's here to meet her boyfriend. Thinking that made my chest tighten and hurt. "Yeah. I can't sleep right now" she told me. "Oh, I see". So she's not here for a night view date with her boyfriend after all. I felt relieved knowing that. It seems Kushida just got out of the bath, there was a very comforting scent coming from Kushida who was wearing a jersey. It seems it's the same scent as the shampoo given to us in our rooms.

"Are you not cold?" I asked her. "I'm ok. More importantly, are you here alone Ayanokouji-kun?" she asks me. When I nodded, Kushida laughed happily. "So we're both alone then? I'm a bit happy" she says. ".......". I should have said a nice one-liner at this point, but of course I couldn't say it.

On the contrary, my heart rate is increasing just by being alone with Kushida in a place full of couples. Kushida must hate the situation though, deep down inside. "In any case, I'll be taking my leave" I tell her. "You're leaving already?". "Yeah, I'm getting sleepy" I reply to her. Of course I didn't want to sleep at all but it can't be helped. "I see, then I'll see you tomorrow, Ayanokouji-kun!". "Good night, Kushida".

After exchanging farewells with her, I pathetically turn my back to leave. But then. "Wait!!!" Kushida screamed and jumped into my chest. I could feel her warmth even through her jersey in this cold weather.

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"K-k-k-Kushida? W-what are you doing?" I ask her. Of course, in this unexpected situation, I was panicking. It was beyond my understanding. ".....". But Kushida did not answer me immediately.

Then, in a small, squeaking voice. She says "Sorry...suddenly I...felt a bit lonely being alone by myself". She whispered that to me while being in my chest. Those words were like a boxer's punch to me and my brain went blank for a moment. And for a few more seconds, Kushida kept burying her face in my chest. And then suddenly, as if a spell was broken, she released me and took her distance.

"S-sorry. I suddenly hugged Ayanokouji-kun...good night!". I couldn't see Kushida's face very well in the dark, but I had a feeling she was also blushing. And without saying anything, Kushida ran away, leaving me to stand there holding my chest to feel the warmth that she left behind.

Thanks to this, I won't be able to sleep anymore tonight. I can't return to my room like this. So I decided to walk around the ship for a while. "Aahhh...that surprised me. Now that it's over I feel a bit thirsty now" I say to myself.