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As I made my way down to the entrance of the building, there was no sign of Horikita. I decided to go out of the building. As she’s not the type to stop for anything on the way back, she was probably heading straight towards the dorms.

I pushed past the crowd of students putting on their shoes. Soon after, I saw Horikita in between the school and the dorms (as there’s not much of a distance in the first place).

Most of the groups headed back had two people or more, but there was alone figure that stood out.


I hesitated before speaking to her, but Kushida called out to her with confidence.

“…What is it?”

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Horikita turned around, looking slightly surprised. It seemed like she didn’t expect us to chase after her.

“I really want Horikita-san to help with Sudou-kun’s incident… Is that not possible?”

“I thought I already rejected that a few minutes ago.”

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She shrugged her shoulders, as if the person she was talking to was an idiot.

“I know, but… But I do think we need to do this to get to class A.”

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“We need to do this to get to class A, huh?”

Looking completely unconvinced, Horikita didn’t listen to Kushida’s words.

“If you want to help Sudou-kun, go ahead. I don’t have the right to stop you. However, if you need someone to help, go ask someone else. I’m busy.”

“There isn’t anyone that’s playing around right now.”

I unintentionally retorted. She glared at me, with eyes that said, “Why are you talking?”