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He could use more money whenever he gave a treat anyway.

Pei Qian only rejected the last suggestion.

“There is no need to worry about the movie publicity. I have my own arrangements!”

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He finally sent everyone away. Pei Qian gave a long sigh. There were indeed many things on hand recently. Another came when one just ended.

Of course, the movie had just finished filming. He would only be assured when it was released. However, that would be at least one month later, which was still quite far away.

He should take care of what was in front of him first.

Do things one by one, I’ll solve the problem at Zhongdian Chinese Network and then take a lot at the Shared Top Student… Pei Qian thought forlornly.

Sigh, there seems to be something that keeps slipping out of my mind…

Oh, right, the shared phone booth!

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Pei Qian suddenly remembered the matter that he had always forgotten when he thought of the Shared Top Student.

The Shared phone booth!

He was supposed to visit it on Monday, but there was too much stuff this week. Exams, dinner… Boss Li made trouble, and Ma Yiqun’s website made some unexpected problems. He forgot about it completely.

There should not be many big problems since it had only been five days, right? Pei Qian thought. Five days would allow Ruan Guangjian to draw on two additional phone booths at maximum. Adding on to the very first one, there were at most three phone booths.

What could three phone booths do? There shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Of course, he had to check it out this week to be on the safe side.

Pei Qian jotted down on his notebook, afraid that he would forget again.

January 21st, Friday…