Is it possible to make a password online?

Is it possible to make a password online?

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For two or three seconds he remained taken aback, but, recoveringhimself,"How different things would be," he resumed in an insinuating tone,"if you had not rejected me when I wanted to become your husband!

But you couldn't bear the sight of me. And yet, 'pon my word, I wasin love with you, oh, but for good and earnest! You see, I am ajudge of women; and I saw very well how you would look, handsomelydressed and got up, leaning back in a fine carriage in the Bois -"Stronger than her will, disgust rose to her lips.

"Ah, sir!" she said.

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He mistook her meaning.

"You are regretting all that," he continued. "I see it. Formerly,eh, you would never have consented to receive me thus, alone withyou, which proves that girls should not be headstrong, my dear child."He, Costeclar, he dared to call her, "My dear child." Indignant andinsulted, "Oh!" she exclaimed. But he had started, and kept on,"Well, such as I was, I am still. To be sure, there probably wouldbe nothing further said about marriage between us; but, frankly,what would you care if the conditions were the same, - a fine house,carriages, horses, servants -"Up to this moment, she, had not fully understood him. Drawingherself up to her fullest height, and pointing to the door,"Leave this moment," she ordered.

But he seemed in no wise disposed to do so: on the contrary, palerthan usual, his eyes bloodshot, his lips trembling, and smiling astrange smile, he advanced towards Mlle. Gilberte.

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"What!" said he. "You are in trouble, I kindly come to offer myservices, and this is the way you receive me! You prefer to work,do you? Go ahead then, my lovely one, prick your pretty fingers,and redden your eyes. My time will come. Fatigue and want, coldin the winter, hunger in all seasons, will speak to your littleheart of that kind Costeclar who adores you, like a big fool thathe is, who is a serious man and who has money, - much money."Beside herself,"Wretch!" cried the girl, "leave, leave at once.""One moment," said a strong voice.

M. Costeclar looked around.

Marius de Tregars stood within the frame of the open door.

"Marius!" murmured Mlle. Gilberte, rooted to the spot by a surprisehardly less immense than her joy.

To behold him thus suddenly, when she was wondering whether shewould ever see him again; to see him appear at the very momentwhen she found herself alone, and exposed to the basest outrages,- it was one of those fortunate occurrences which one can scarcelyrealize; and from the depth of her soul rose something like a hymnof thanks.

Nevertheless, she was confounded at M. Costeclar's attitude.