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However, there is no helping what has already been decided.

I got on the stage with my opponent, Bubble Domingo.

「Oi Oi, just when I was wondering who it was, turns out to be the loser from before! I am surprised! Who would’ve thought you actually came to participate in the Sword Festival!」

On the stage, Bubble provoked me with a scoff.

(Hearing the name 『Bubble』, I thought it might be him… but for it to actually be true…)

As I ignored his cheap provocations, the commentator began to read the paper at hand.

「Well, according to this prior information, the school of Bubble is that Vajra style! Crushing the opponent with a powerful blow with a large sword as a weapon – it’s a refined traditional school! On the other hand, Allen is…puh puh… Allen is self-taught it seems!」

At that moment, the venue burst out laughing.

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It was even easier to understand – they were scoffing me.

「Gyhahahaaha! Bubble, you just won the lottery! You easily got your first win!」

「Oi, lad! Be careful not to get trampled!」

「Puhpuhpuh…… Show us your proud 『self-taught』sword!」

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Even Bubble was not an exception.

「Oi oi oi, give me a break! Self-taught – wouldn’t it seem like bullying this weak little frail child…! Gyahahahahaha!」

Bubble, exaggeratedly held his sides in laughter.

How frustrating.

Frustrating… but, he hasn’t said anything wrong.

I have certainly become stronger.

However, it is only within the small circle known as the Gran Swordsmanship Academy.