How to make money online Tarot card

How to make money online Tarot card

(It’s too heartless to refuse Idol’s request for a trivial reason as “my throat is dry” …)

I decided as such, and…

「Aa, of course. Thank you, I appreciate it.」

I nodded cheerfully to reassure her, and gently opened the lovely parcel.

「Oh, it’s a beautiful shape!」

There were beautiful spherical chocolates, which were arranged in bite size.

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「Fufu, it’s my prided work.」

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「Well, I’m looking forward to it. Itadakimasu!」

Then, the moment I took a bite of the spherical chocolate,


A mega shock that I have never experienced before ran through my body.

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(T-This is terrible…)

Unpleasant slimy sensation running on the tip of the tongue, intense odour that slips through the nasal cavity, and the indescribable bitterness that spreads in my mouth; this is way worse than simply mistaking salt for sugar.

(This slightly fragrant lemon smell is a…. dishwashing detergent!?)

I have a lot of things to say about it, but… There is one thing I can declare clearly.

This is not something that can be called “food”.