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Despite being a bit flustered, Ishizaki nodded in agreement.

“I’ve resolved myself.”

“Is that so? It’s nice to see you’ve made up your mind. So who will it be?”


It seemed that Ishizaki hadn’t decided on who would be taking Ryūen’s place yet.

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“If you haven’t decided, I can decide for you if you want. It’d be easier to get rid of any feelings of guilt that way. Of course, if you think that I’d carelessly get rid of an important member of your class, you don’t have to listen to me at all.”

“P-please hold on. Let me think about it for a bit…”

“There’s no time.”

“I-I’ll make the decision quickly.”

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Despite saying that, if he could make the decision quickly, he wouldn’t be having such a hard time in the first place.

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“Hold up. I don’t care who we get rid of, but what’s the plan here? You said you were gonna save him with the points, but aren’t we short by like fifteen million?”

Ibuki cut in, and her irritation was understandable.

Be that as it may, I had my own circumstances to consider as well.

“If you want to prevent Ryūen’s expulsion, you need to decide on who will take the fall instead.”

We would talk about the plan in detail afterward.

“For example, how about the troublemakers in your class?”