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“What ideas do you have for new cell phones?”

Pei Qian’s plan was the same as before. He would ask Chang You what he wanted to do first, and then guide him in the wrong direction.

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Chang You said confidently, “This is what I think, Boss Pei.”

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“Otto E1 is a very successful cell phone. Gamers have basically accepted its weight and price as its shortcomings.”

“To summarize the experience, I think a very important factor would be for E1 cell phones to use more mature supply chain technology. Therefore, even though we are a new manufacturer, we’ve controlled the quality of the cell phones to be pretty good.”

“Therefore, I think that we should continue to develop Otto E2 cell phones on the basis of the E1 cell phone, maintaining its characteristics. We should make some minor updates on the cell phone’s chip and camera module. We just have to ensure that the configuration is not lower than other flagship models.”

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“Our market share is still very low after all. Our top priority now is to protect our basic users and slowly expand into the mainstream market. We cannot sell too many.”

Pei Qian shook his head silently. “I don’t think so.”

Chang You did not expect Boss Pei to reject his proposal so easily. He thought that he must have made some serious mistakes in the judgment of the situation and quickly listened carefully.

Pei Qian considered for a moment and said, “The key to the success of E1 cell phones was that surprise and extraordinary! It immediately made consumers’ eyes light up once it was released at the news conference. That was why it sold so well.”

“If we just do some regular updates, change the chip, and change the camera module, would it still give everyone a refreshing feeling even though the cost would be reduced and has a small risk?”

“If no one thinks that it is unique and has obvious differences from other cell phones, why would anyone buy it again?”

Chang You was stunned. He felt that what Boss Pei said made sense.

“Boss Pei, in your opinion... What should we do with this cell phone then?”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. One of the important factors in the success of Otto E1 was the mature design of many supply chains. The quality control of the cell phone was guaranteed. In addition, it only held up the high-end cell phone’s reputation with additional services such as no repair.