Is there anyone who makes money with WeChat?

Is there anyone who makes money with WeChat?

“Do you think my honest brother will go out of his way and brag about the confession to his little brother? That’s what a bitch will think.”

“W-What’s wrong? Then why would you know about the confession…”


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“Are you serious?”

Kousei smiled at me, who’s freaking out.

“I’m just kidding. Tapping my brother, do you think I’ll really do that?”

“Highly likely.”

“Ay, even though I have thought about it.”

That’s crazy. The guy’s trying to joke while lacking the appropriate personality. That’s way too insane.

But Kousei looks like he doesn’t care about my reaction and continued.

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“Even if I’m not wiretapping, at my level, I can get a rough picture just by looking at my brother. For example, what is bothering him today; it seems that he’s happy. His body temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius; he’s going to scratch the side of his waist in three seconds; his current urination desire is around 27%! (MISSING)I can see all of that.”

“Your abilities are even crazier than a tapping device?”

“Yep, so I can roughly guess what happened on that day, …however, thanks to your reaction, I fully understand now. Thanks.”


Crap. This guy is trying to make me spill my beans…Seriously, he’s tough to deal with.

I can’t help but put my hand on my forehead again. Then, rarely, Kousei started answering depressingly.

“However, they’re kind of insane. I didn’t expect Chiaki-senpai to confess in times like this…”

“Yeah, …I can only agree with you on that alone.”