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Perhaps due to its low proximity, the sound was so soft to the point that it almost blended in with the surroundings.

It was possible for it to be an alarm coming from a tablet, but this particular sound had been going on for far too long for that to be the case.

“Do you think it might be an Emergency Alert?”

“It’s definitely possible.”

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I emerged from my tent before once again straining my ears to analyze the sound.

It sounded similar to what Mashima-sensei had played for us during his explanation back on the cruise ship.

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But from what I could hear, there was a slight echo to it, perhaps because it was coming from so deep within the forest.

“It doesn’t sound like it’s going to stop any time soon, does it?”

It had already been over a minute since I first noticed the sound. Warning Alerts were set up to go off twice, but both times they would be cut off after only five seconds. The only alert set to go off continuously like this was the Emergency Alert.

“If I’m not mistaken, after five minutes─”

“The school will locate you through the GPS in your watch and send help to your position?”

If they were in a situation where they couldn’t afford to turn off the alert, then they could be in quite a precarious position.

“Couldn’t we go find them before the school arrives?”

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“Why would we do that? Although it’s not pitch black outside anymore, the visibility is still poor. And if we’re careless, we might run into danger ourselves.”

“Do you need a reason to go help someone?”

She pierced me with eyes that were far too sincere to be described as angry.

I could tell that, no matter what I chose to do, she wouldn’t back down, even if it meant going off to help on her own.