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It appears even if it's by an hairbreadth, they intend on deciding victory and defeat like it's a horserace. That is precisely why contests that are difficult to score like cheerleading and the such are not included in this sports festival.

These two games were already rather dated; they had many problems, and it was a little hard to even think of where to begin. Fortunately, Boss Pei had provided a very good starting point: purchase options!

To remove all purchase options and only keeping one, this was a rather onerous task. Conservatively speaking, the two games had at least tens of purchase options in total. There were some charging and spending activities as well as normal items purchase; there were some system purchase options as well.

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It could be said that wherever purchase options could be added, they had all been done so. To get rid of all these purchase options was not as simple as just closing off the entrance to a mall. These purchase options were connected to the entire system design.

To ensure that someone who topped up five hundred yuan could beat someone who only paid a hundred and for the latter to beat someone who had only paid thirty yuan, that required proper planning of the game’s system design to ensure that every different purchase tier could have a corresponding enhancement to their experience.

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Furthermore, these battle power systems were linked; the power scaling system was connected to the game environment. It was just like the carnivores and herbivores in the wild.

Hence, this was all in all a system design problem.

This was also why systems designers enjoyed such a high position in the country; it was only second to the chief planner. System designs would often determine the gaming experience of games with paywalls.

To change the purchase options would be akin to changing the system design. It meant that differentiating between players by the amount they paid needed to be done using a different method.

Changing a way of differentiation-if done wrongly, it could lead to the entire system design’s collapse. No one would be able to repair the system then.

Just like the Bloody Battle Song before. After it had been scolded bloody, its revenue had fallen significantly. Old Liu had set the price of that saber too high and a simple system design problem had brought such an extremely negative effect.

Ye Zhizhou thought for a long time and still felt that this seemed beyond his means. Although he had some ideas, he couldn’t be sure if he could really actualize them. As such, he printed out the document and went to look for Wang Xiaobin to discuss it.