Is it true that online payment helps?

Is it true that online payment helps?

As the saying went, men were afraid of entering the wrong line of work. If an esports player chose the wrong game, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

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Shenhua was very famous in the football industry, and would definitely do well in e-sports.

Of course, not everyone was willing to change their game. Shenhua tested them, not taking all of them indiscriminately

That was why the IOI teams had not been emptied out. There were still three or four people left out of the five. However, most of the IOI teams had been washed out. It was just a matter of whether or not they had been dismantled.

Moreover, Shenhua was not the only one trying to poach people. Many other clubs also developed a strong sense of crisis when they saw Shenhua playing like that.

They could not stand by and do nothing even if Shenhua were to spend ten times as much money as they did, right?

What’s left for us if the entire capsule machine was given to you?

Thus, the other club owners also followed Shenhua in poaching people. They decided to buy as many good seedlings as possible with the mindset that there was no time to waste.

GOG’s professional tournament had only just started after all. There was a huge gap between the professional players, the rookies would still have a chance to catch up once the league became official.

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Therefore, under Shenhua’s lead, these clubs were not to be outdone. They swept across the entire domestic e-sports circle like a wave.

In the training base of the SHG Club, Pei Qian sipped his tea as he listened to Lin Chang talk about his’ generous’ and ‘wise’ decisions during the time he had been operating the SHG Club.

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Shenhua Real Estate had funded the construction of SHG but Lin Zhou had not paid much attention to it. His main focus was still on football.