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Otherwise, there was truly no way to spend the System Funds entirely!

There were two more months before the next settlement and even though Ghost General’s income had started to dip, it was still providing a consistent flow nevertheless.

If they didn’t spend more, he would have to eat grass come the next settlement!

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As to what resources Huang Sibo would buy with the money, Pei Qian could not be bothered.

That guy could buy anything he liked as long as they were not deemed as system violations!

Huang Sibo returned to his desk in a conflicted state of mind.

Double the budget estimate?

Previously when he looked for resources online, he did it through looking at the prices.

Most of the resources had decent quality with affordable prices.

There were some with excellent quality but because their prices were slightly higher, Huang Sibo disregarded them.

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But now, Boss Pei was displeased with the sum they were spending!

“Is it because he thinks the resources I’ve sourced are of inferior quality?”

“Yes, that’s a possibility. Boss Pei is someone that seeks to be perfect.”

“Ghost General’s original art is a good example of that.”

“Alright, since that’s the case, let’s change all of these to high quality resources! We’ll use the best for everything!”