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The protagonist could attend play dates at other rich people’s houses. At the dinners, he could play in bouncy castles with other kids of his age, make ice cream with his ice cream machine, ride on wooden horses, and play with train models...

He could take a private jet to Africa’s wildlife zoo with the other kids to celebrate a birthday. He also received high-end presents that piled up into a mountain...

In every scene, the gamer was allowed to control the protagonist and interact with various backgrounds. He could ride horses, play the piano, play with trains, and the like.

Apart from those mini-games, there were other details in the scenes as well. For example, there were chatter between other characters, books and newspapers, wrapped gifts, and the like.

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Different transition methods were used to switch from one scene to another as well, and they were similar to those used in movies. For example, once the protagonist finished taking a certain group photo, that photograph would appear at the top of the protagonist’s bed, thus introducing a new scene.

In the spaces between scenes where the gaps were extra big, there would also be narrations by the adult protagonist recalling his childhood.

Once the scenes of his childhood were over, he entered his teenage years. The protagonist entered high school and then university, but it was not like the movies. There were no lax education or alcohol parties. Instead, his daily life was planned to the minute.

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Not only did he have to do well in the SATs, but he also could not relax for a single test in his four years of high school. He took part in Olympic competitions, debates, community service...

People would rush to do anything that could help them get into Ivy League schools and then compete in it.

The protagonist heard news of a classmate committing suicide and learned of the phrase ‘Stanford Duck Syndrome’. Everyone acted relaxed and perfect on the surface, but underneath the surface, they were kicking for their lives, without regard for anything else in the world.

When one saw calm ducks around them everywhere they looked, they were bound to think that they were the only imperfect ones.

There were also the ‘four’s—four hours of sleep, four huge cups of coffee, and a Grade Point Average of 4.0.

At different stages of the game, He An had a huge number of choices.

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As a child, the protagonist’s life was also strictly planned to the minute, but he was allowed to entertain himself with all sorts of activities during his rest time. He could choose between various hobbies, such as art or music, and choose different ways of spending his holidays as well.

All those choices affected his experience as a teen.

For example, if the protagonist learned horse-riding as a child, his father would send him to a private racecourse worth tens of millions of US dollars when he was older. There, he would take part in horse-riding competitions and win generous prizes. In turn, that would affect the game’s future developments.