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“You really wanted me to die!”

“Um, but in reality, you are not the same as me. You don’t really care about the plot. Right? That’s fine, you can keep on hiking with Aguri-san and your friends.”

“Hmm, now that you are mentioning it, I’m starting to feel scared! I can imagine that a first-person camera angle popped out from nowhere and started creeping towards Augri and me when we are having our intimate moment. Crap, it’s all your fault. Amano-“

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“W-What should I do, Uehara-kun? I feel so proud of myself that I think I will really die when I’m going out with Tendou-san! At this point, I think I’m in a storyline where I am actually in a deep coma, and everything was supposed to be a dream! Things are just going too good for me!”

“Get a hold on your self-imagined suffering. Jeez, that’s really enough. How about you actually start thinking about the date instead of trash-talking?”

“Y-You’re right. Even if I am going to die, I am willing to as long as I get to save Tendou-san.”

“W-Well, as long as you are happy with it.”

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After the bullshitting is over, Uehara-kun looked at the couple next to the fountain again.

“Anyway, I’ve never gone on a serious date with Aguri. The closest thing we had was going to the arcade and going home together as we’ve always done before.”

“Well…I feel like I don’t have a word at this, but is that really what you want?”

This is an arrogant question, but I felt terrible for Aguri-san. I am prepared to be scolded by Uehara-kun. Incredibly, he gave me a gentle smile instead of getting angry.

“Yeah…I guess I’m disappointing her, you’re right. However, I really enjoyed the times where we can walk home together.”

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“So, when you two are busy or don’t have time to play together, you just make up by walking her home?”

Uehara-kun laughed at my question.

“Hey, it’s a blessing when you can chat happily with a girl you love all alone.”