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Hatred swelled up for the hermit of time who sent me into this hell.

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「…that guy definitely knew」

How helpless and cruel this world was.

That’s why he begged so desperately.

To make me push the button.

「…I will never forgive him」

With desire for vengeance in my heart, I continued swinging my sword today too.

1000 years later.

I forgot why I was swinging the sword.

I probably had some sort of objective.

I think there was definitely a reason why I swung my sword so desperately all this while.

But I had forgotten what it was.

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5000 years later.

I had a sudden thought.

「If I choose to commit suicide here… can I get out of this world?」

The hermit of time said.

【Never… Never commit suicide… Although it is a different world, you only have one body. If you die, that will be your end.】

Yes, I can choose to end it anytime I want.

Such a simple thing.