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Now─ The sequence of events from here on out was vitally important.

After setting down the bags of groceries and kitchen utensils on the floor by the kitchen along with my school bag, the first thing I did was go and set the water in my electric kettle to boil. Then, I faced toward the living area and prompted for Amasawa to take a seat.

I could’ve seated her in a spot where she couldn’t see the kitchen, but I made sure not to do that.

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It was essential that I have her take a position where she could see what I was doing from the side if she felt like she wanted to.

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“I’ll make coffee. Feel free to turn on the TV if you want.”

“Thanks, Senpai.”

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Then, I made her coffee after the water began to boil, giving it to her before asking her to hold on for a bit.

Amasawa picked up the remote I had placed on the table and began to flip through the channels.

While it was by no means foolproof, there was a solid, convenient reason for me to have her drown out the sound with the TV.

Instigating her into watching the TV by placing the remote control nearby had been the correct idea after all.

Once I confirmed that she had turned the TV on, I then went back toward the kitchen, moving in such a way that emphasized that I wanted to get started immediately. I needed to make sure I could stop her from watching what I was doing if she actually started watching, but luckily it didn’t seem like she wanted to do that.

“Oh, looking up anything on your phone is against the rules, okay~?”

She looked over, warning me.

“How strict. I’m pretty sure that most people nowadays cook and look up recipes at the same time.”

“You scaaared~?”

“No, nothing like that.”