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Online top ten departments to make money

At the same time, no one spoke up. …It’s also a fact that no one can clearly reject or deny this.

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At last…

“Well, senpai’s going on a date with onee-chan on the next holiday! Let’s go!”

“…Eh? Really, …hmm…?”

After we snapped out of it, we were overwhelmed by Konoha-san’s strange momentum. We answered her mysterious suggestion with a nod, even though Chiaki wasn’t here.

…A call to attract customers can be heard from the bars down the street. “You can hang out with nice girls if you come in!”

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“D-Did you wait for a long time?”

“N-No, I just arrived…”




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Afternoon, a Saturday in the middle of December. Next to the station, there’s a shy high school couple too embarrassed to even look at each other. -It seems like that, but, in reality, it’s more like two lonely gamers going to an internet café.

…Of course, that’s me, Keita Amano, and Chiaki Hoshinomori.


…Even though we met according to the plan, we completely paused there and remained silent.

After all, …this activity wasn’t planned by Chiaki and me at all.