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“That’s not scientific, but it’s very metaphysical! It’s already very unscientific for a space to have bell-shaped geomancy. Then, it shouldn’t be surprising that this space exists in a certain time pattern…”

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“I don’t believe it!”

“Look for more bugs. If the efficiency really decreases, it means that what Boss Yan said is true. There’s no need for everyone to look for bugs under inefficient circumstances. We might as well do something else.”

This time, the people in the group seemed to quickly accept this setting.

Even though this still sounded very ridiculous, most of the companies that had moved here had gone through metaphysics after all. They had objectively recognized the existence of this special space. It did not seem like a big deal to add a little time rule…

Yan Qi sat down at his desk, took out his cell phone, and ran his game a few times.

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Yes, as expected.

The bugs did not work on weekends!

In fact, Yan Qi was a little conflicted before he ran away. Should he hope that there would be bugs or not?

If there were bugs, it meant that they had to work overtime during the weekend. However, the progress of the game could be rushed forward by a large margin. If there were no bugs, they could not rush the progress, but they could rest during the weekend.

Now that the dust had settled, he felt more at ease. That gave his employees a reason to rest for the weekend.

In fact, as the boss, Yan Qi was more conflicted about overtime.

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He was not like many unscrupulous bosses who forced their employees to work overtime without compensation purely to reduce costs and further squeeze their employees’ labor. However, even as a boss with a conscience, it was inevitable to ask his employees to work overtime.

After all, as a small company and entrepreneurial company, they did not have many resources, abundant numbers of high-quality employees. Sometimes, if they wanted to catch up, they had no choice but to work overtime.

The game industry was an industry that emphasized on efficiency. If two similar types of games were released and one game was released one or two months after the other, the income gap might be millions or tens of millions.