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On the other hand, there are many Thirteen Knights of the Oracle who are without missions, and were seen making some suspicious movements, so I was advised to be careful.

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And also Dodriel, who is paranoid about me, is currently striving to learn the “True Soul Dress”.

I obtained a lot of useful information.

「Hmm, don’t worry. It’s just a small thank you for looking after the president.」Sebas-san said, and smiled gently.

「Let’s cross swords next time, Sebas yo!」Bacchus-san thrust his right hand out of the bathtub and grinned fiercely.

「Ah, ahaha… I pray we won’t have that opportunity.」

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Sebas-san waved his hand with a bitter smile, and for some reason, he turned to the opposite side of the dressing room.

There is only a tall wooden fence over there. The cliff wall which separates the men’s bath and the women’s bath.

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(No way…)

Although I had a bad feeling, I decided to see what he would do.

The next moment, Sebas-san started climbing the cliff quickly.

「H-Hey… What on earth are you doing!?」I hurriedly called out.

「What… isn’t it obvious? Sneak a peek at the president’s beautiful naked body.」

He said the worst thing with a cool face.