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“? What are you saying? Aguri was just mumbling the words that came from the bottom of my heart in this nothingness…”

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“What are the chances of that!?”

A heaven-sent child of the gaming industry was sitting in front of me, naturally spewing out spells of restoration as a means of recovery from a shocked state. It’s a miracle. But the sad part is that this person has absolutely no interest in games. It’s a useless miracle.

As if it was the effect of the spell, Aguri-san finally returned to her normal state and started sipping her now lukewarm oolong tea.

“Haa… the scene we just came across is rather refreshing…”

“Yea, definitely. Rather than worrying about trusting or doubting others, it probably feels more relaxing.”

“Hey, can you not talk like you understand, you hikki otaku bocchi boy?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

I sat up in my seat. Lately, there’s one that that I’ve learned about human relationships. That is, no matter how much time and effort you put in, there are some relationships where it is impossible to get close.

Having been influenced by RPGs, I mistakenly thought that spending long amounts of time together would help a group of people trust each other and become friends.

“Amano-chi, more juice.”

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“Yes, right away. …Um, which one?”