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Of course, they picked their seats randomly. All of them had to report anyway so there was no difference who went first. listened silently,

Pei Qian-on the other hand ready to ask questions.

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Pei Qian raised his hand to stop the trainee from the fifth department which was from Deposit Fitness.

“Have the four departments you are in established large-scale spending plans like increasing salaries, optimizing benefit structure, improving office environment, business expansion, and upgrading?”

Pei Qian looked at the four Manage Loss Trainees who were done with their reporting.

All four Manage Loss Trainees nodded. A few other Manage Loss Trainees started speaking, too.

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“Senior, the same with our department.”

“Dream Realization Ventures, too.”

“Zhongdian Chinese Network has something similar planned as well.”

Pei Qian was shocked.

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He did not feel anything out of the ordinary when the first Manage Loss Trainees started reporting. There was nothing to be alarmed about by spending some money. However, so many departments were actually making plans to spend money at the same time?

This was very strange.

Pei Qian scanned the entire place and found that the only one without such a plan was Upwind Logistics which Lu Mingliang was responsible for.

What was the reason? Have they all consulted each other?

Upwind Logistics...

Pei Qian’s eyes brightened as he thought about it.

Yes, the Tengda Cornerstone Award!

Upwind Logistics won the Tengda Cornerstone Award previously, which made the rest of the departments eager to win the same!

Obviously, the other departments were jealous!