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“If you lick my shoes, I’m okay with givin' you a little somethin' for your trouble you know? Gorilla.”

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Laughing, he walked away without once taking his hands out his pockets. Housen could’ve stood his ground, but he took a step to the side and made way for him. Ishizaki was wary of Housen, but hurriedly followed after Ryuuen. Housen also didn’t look back and walked proudly down the middle of the hallway.

“That guy’s just as scary as always, eh? But he was so scared that he had to clear the way.”

“He’s got balls, that guy.”


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“He’s saying if I do it to him, then next time he’s gonna give it to me. It’s a show of his resolve.”

As soon as they passed each other, Ryuuen sensed the outpouring of killing intent and his violent nature.

“It’s a pain in the ass, right?”

“Leave it. I know he’s a troublesome opponent, but we gotta find the culprit first.”

“Got it. I’m having Nishino hold it down.”

Ishizaki took out his phone to check, and then led the way for Ryuuen.

Not long after that, they arrived at the target location. Before Ishizaki could utter a word, Ryuuen approached a lone female student.

“Nanase Tsubasa, right?”

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“Yes. What can I do for you?”