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Academic Ability: E+ (20)

Physical Ability: A+ (96)

Adaptability: D+ (40)

Social Contribution: E+ (19)

Overall Ability: C (47)

His Academic Ability and Social Contribution ratings were both profoundly low, given his bad behavior last year. However, his rating for Physical Ability was more than enough to compensate for that, saving him from the bottom of the list. Upon further inspection, I found that, out of every student in the second year, he was the only one who had gotten A+ in the Physical Ability category.

Sudō had grown both academically and mentally when compared to when he first came to this school, and his ratings would probably only continue to get better as time went on.

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“On another note, while this doesn’t directly have anything to do with Class D, there are special exceptions in place for second-year students. Class 2-A’s Sakayanagi Arisu’s Physical Ability rating will take on the same value as the student with the lowest Physical Ability rating in the school year.”

Sakayanagi Arisu had been physically handicapped from birth.

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She had to use a cane to get around, even while walking.

In other words, physical activity wasn’t something she was capable of, even if she wanted to.

Having said that, the Physical Ability category couldn’t just be removed from the calculation for her overall score. So in that sense, having her take up the same score as the lowest placed student seemed like a reasonable compromise.

At any rate, this tool for visualizing abilities was probably an integral part of Nagumo’s proposed individualist meritocracy.

“I’m sure this app will distinguish itself as an important tool, not only for changing your mindsets and improving yourselves, but also for interacting with others since you’ll now have a medium to quickly familiarize yourselves with the names and faces of students regardless of what school year they’re in. However… I also think there’s more to it than that. This is just my own personal speculation, but… maybe a year from now, students who fail to keep their Overall Ability rating above a certain threshold will be given some kind of penalty of sorts.”

“Penalty… You’re not saying, like, expulsion, are you Sensei…?”

“It’s possible. But, as I said, this is just speculation. It’s not a cold hard fact or anything. But the closer your Overall Ability rating is to an E, the more dangerous of a position you’re in. It’s best you keep that in mind.”