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Sebas-san suddenly appeared in the men’s bath and started climbing the wooden wall to see the president naked. Bacchus-san stopped him – saying he can’t allow Sebas-san to see Rose bathing naked, so he would be the one to look into the women’s bath instead.

Then, the two of them were arguing about “who one would get to look into the women’s bath” and it reached a critical situation.

Obviously, I couldn’t overlook a peep crime, so I immediately stood up as a third force.

After that, a battle started with the rule that the use of soul dress is prohibited and if the mop breaks, it would mean that person’s loss.

Halfway through, the battle was in my advantage as the time was running out.

But Sebas-san and Bacchus-san joined hands, and I was immediately forced into a corner.

I was hit by their combined fierce attack, and I was blown away to the back; where I crashed into the wooden wall and unintentionally plunged into the women’s bath.

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「I never had any ulterior motives or evil thoughts! Please believe me! It was truly an unexpected accident!」I said, almost pleading.

「Grandfather, are you still peeping even at that age?」Rose asked, glaring at Bacchus-san.

「…Huh? I wonder… I’ve been forgetting things a lot lately, probably because of my age… I don’t remember it very well.」

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Probably because he didn’t want to lie to his precious granddaughter, Bacchus-san played dumb, using age as an excuse.

「Haa… I understand the situation. Allen, I totally believe what you say. And… I’m sorry. My grandfather has caused you a lot of trouble again.」


Becoming too emotional, I grabbed both her hands.

「Thank you! Thank you for believing me… Thank you so much!」

「O-Ok, I understand, but… you’re a little too close…」

I don’t know why, but Rose’s face turned red every passing second.

(Anyway, I did it!)

There are only two people left. If Ria and the president believe me, all the suspicions will clear up.