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Types of making money online

─ Wh-Why… Little man this… Those movements…?

─ Celestial…the entire sword… Rebal’s swordsmanship is insane. I mean, to see it all…. all Earth!

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─ Are you kidding me? Earth’s reflexes… And, uh… like wings… How do you move your feet?

─ …… Hiro, di-didn’t you train him!?

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At the sight of their surprised and dismayed faces, again I laughed at such ironic fate.

Even so, this is also something…. You and I have faced each other on many occasions, but… Now we do not fight each other, we simply do the same thing… I am watching over the same man.

And you , who should know your own son better than anyone else, know nothing, and now I know your son better….

However, I do not intend to act as intermediary between parent and child.

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If you were the child, you would realize how little time you and your parents have spent with each other.

And when I consider your attitude toward your son, perhaps there was a desire similar to that of ‘parents and children being connected by their hearts’.

Such could be said as the child’s fighting style was still ‘the same magic sword as his father’.

However, the child forsaken all that. At the end of the day, he will not aim to be an Imperial Knight like you. He refuses to follow the path you have taken or the future you have prepared.

Then Hiro. Mamu. What have you left to your son?

You have defeated me, gained world peace, the right to life of mankind, the future, and you have earned the title of one and only hero.

But at this rate, will you not forfeit the ordinary ‘common happiness’ that is due a person?

I really believed that it had nothing to do with me.