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Although I felt dazed momentarily, I regained my wits and let out a sad sigh in disappointment.

“…What is with the youth of Japan these days…”

“No no no, that’s what I should be saying to you.”

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“It would be better if it was an eroge…”

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“No, it’s your tastes that are strange. Simply speaking, you’re different. In a sense, your preferences are hardcore.”

After talking like he was amazed, Uehara-kun cleared his throat and returned to the main point.

“In the first place, why are you being so stubborn, Amano? If you’re coming to me for advice, just ask online first.”

It was a reasonable opinion, but I said, “No,” while I scratched my cheek in embarrassment.

“This kind of adventure… especially for things like heroines of dating sims, feels a lot more empathetic to make my own decisions while looking over the choices instead of following a guide…”

“Hoho, so in other words, you want to learn how to become friends with Tendo-san by yourself. What a man.”

My heart jumped up when he got it exactly right. I tried to deny it in a panic.

“N-no, what are you saying!? I’m talking about the game, the game!”

While trying to smooth over the situation, I reflected on my actions. I realized that I had superimposed reality onto games more than necessary, and that I had dug myself into a hole that I couldn’t get out of.

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I let out a sigh, thinking about how this whole situation was pathetic. Looking bothered, Uehara-kun scratched his head and started to talk again.

“If you feel troubled about trying to use your experience capturing heroines in real life, just worry about reality itself. That would work much better.”

“? What do you mean?”

“I mean. …Isn’t it about time that you approach Tendo herself?”