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I didn’t stop the group of black cloaks and Dodriel from escaping. Rather, there was no time to stop them.

「Ria, Rose…! Wake up!」

I shook their shoulders strongly, but… perhaps the damage was too much, as they did not react at all.


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I had no choice but to carry the two of them on both sides and start running towards the exit at full speed.

(Please… let it just be my over-thinking…!)

The group of black cloaks pulled back easily. Too easily that it gave me an uneasy feeling.

Their retreat was too timely… and that scared me.

The presence of a second explosion – a much larger explosion inevitably crossed my mind.


I desperately rushed down the stairs.

Rather than rushing down – it was more the momentum of falling down from jumping.

From 6th to 5th floor.

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From 5th to 4th floor.

From 4th to 3rd floor.