How is the online borrowing WeChat platform how to make money?

How is the online borrowing WeChat platform how to make money?

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(Can’t help it. I should hold out a little longer before going to sleep.)

I pulled myself together and coughed once.

「Hey, Ria. Do you have anything you particularly would want to eat?」


「I feel like cooking something. So I thought I’ll make something that you want to eat right now, if you’d like… Would you like anything?」

Ria pondered on it a little.

「……Curry rice.」

「Ahaha, curry rice?」

「W-Why do you laugh…?」

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Ria stared at me, while puffing her cheeks.

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「Ah, sorry. I thought it sounds like something a boy would want.」

「I-It’s fine right. I was just in the mood to eat curry.」

She turned away in a huff, her face slightly red.

The gesture was so cute that my heart just felt warm.

「Sorry, sorry. I’m going to make a delicious curry as an apology, so just wait a minute.」

And I went into cooking right away.

First, cut carrots, potatoes, onions, and beef into bite-size pieces and throw them into a thick pot. Then gently heat them.

After cooking the ingredients well with just the right size of flame, add an appropriate amount of water and cook for about 15 minutes while skimming the scum from the broth.

After that, add the curry roux in it and boil it over low heat.The aroma of spices started to waft around the room.