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「Nice to meet you, everyone. I am Allen Rodore, and I serve as the chief examiner for today’s entrance examination. And they are Ria Vesteria and Rose Valencia, who will be assisting me today.」

As I briefly introduced them, the two bowed lightly.

The examinees realized that the exam was about to start, immediately stopped talking and looked at us with a serious expression.

(The gaze of three thousand people is indeed quite much.)

While being under a strong sense of pressure and tension, I tried to explain as calmly as possible.

「As written in the application guidelines, we will conduct the『General Examination』and the『Special Examination』this year. The general examination consists of three parts: physical ability, swordsmanship, and interview. This is exactly the same format as usual, and we’ll give a brief explanation before the exam starts.」

After pausing for a brief moment, I continue to talk about the special exam that will be conducted only this year.

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「And as for the special exam, this is a one-on-one mock battle between me and the examinee. The examinees who are able to land a hit on me, will pass immediately. And unfortunately for those who lose, today’s exam will be over on the spot.」

When I said that,


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There was a big shock among the examinees.

「Just because you didn’t pass the special exam doesn’t necessarily lead to failure. The vice-director over there will score your fight and if it reaches the passing criteria set by Thousand Blade Academy, of course, you will pass.」

When I added a supplementary explanation, they patted their chests with relief.

「Also, this is not an『actual battle』but an『exam』. Of course, I will be holding back moderately, and I won’t launch any form of lethal attack from my side. Naturally, you would have to be prepared for injuries to a certain extent, but… In that case, after the battle is over, I will treat you with this『darkness』immediately, so don’t worry.」

I slashed my left hand shallowly and immediately cured the cut with darkness.

The next moment,

「I-It’s out! It’s the darkness that defeated Idol Luxmaria at the Sword King Festival.」

「It’s beautiful… It was worth coming here today.」