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There will be no big problem even if there was a member other than the student council.

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After that, I knocked on the door of the student council room as usual, and entered after receiving permission from the president.

「You’re LATE! What the hell were you doing!?」

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The president stood up from her chair vigorously, and came up to me.

「P-President… Close, too close…!」

The scent of shampoo filled my nostrils, causing my heart to start beating faster.

「Hey, be honest with onee-chan! What were you doing?」she said, while pouting her cheeks a little.

There was not one shred of『onee-chan likeness』on that face. No matter how much I looked, I only saw that of a pouting child.

「There was something a little unexpected.」

「Be more specific.」the president said, looking me straight in the eye.

「Well, umm… I had to cross swords with Claude-san over there.」I answered honestly.

「…Ara? If I am not mistaken… you are Claude Stroganoff-san, correct?」

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The president mentioned Claude-san’s full name, blinking in surprise.

「Yes, that’s right. And you are… Sie Arcstria-dono, aren’t you? And they are Lilim Tsuorine-dono and Ferris Magdalot-dono, I suppose. I’ve heard from Leia that all three of you are excellent swordsmen.」