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Earn money in the Internet 1159063

“That’s right. Follow the rules...... but it’s the same for you. You see.”

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“Have a look. See.”

Saying that, Chitsue threw a bunch of paper at the table.

“Information I came across... According to the original rules, merchants and trade associations that bring in auction items are always supposed to come to me to intervene and mediate. They do. There is also a need to conduct a credit check on the merchants. That it is.”

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“Sure. That’s why we...”

“But a merchant, whom I didn’t hear of, has been in and out of here and sold items at auction. That it is. In addition, we didn’t have a margin when it came to the sales. That it is.”

Upon hearing those words, Bro took a piece of paper and looked at it, astonished.

“Nah, that’s ridiculous. We only let in the merchants who properly brokered with you. Besides, you guys get the proceeds from the auction sales as a commission...... I know we don’t do such ‘direct management’...... Hey, auction management......”

At that time, Bro swiftly looked back at baguette head.

“Huh? a... ah...”

Then, baguette head turned pale and immediately began to panic.

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“Oh, Bro, um... I..... um...”

“Oh, you...... no way...”

Does baguette head not have any idea...... no, rather than just happening to know......