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It was impossible for employees to work overtime on weekends. That was a matter of principle.

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However, on further thought, it would be good to let Long Yu Corporation create a commotion for a weekend.

Pei Qian would only be able to burn more money if they fought for more popularity. Otherwise, the System would not agree.

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Eric always thought that popularity was important to Boss Pei, but that was not the case.

Boss Pei did not care about popularity at all. He only cared about how to burn more money.

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Then, he looked at the news from the fitness department.

Pei Qian was over the moon when he saw the gamers refund in the game. There were also those strange gamers who charged tens of thousands of yuan and only kept the equivalent of a ten draw.

“They are worth teaching!”

“These players really don’t need me to worry. I don’t even need to teach them to understand my intentions accurately!”

“Why are there other gamers who are too lazy to refund? Isn’t it convenient that I designed the refund mechanism?”

“Work harder! You don’t even have the strength to pull out the wool, and you still dare to say that you’re a woolgiver?”

Pei Qian’s mood improved as he watched the refunds.

At the moment, everything seemed to be going smoothly. He would think of ways to spend money after the 515 Games Festival next Tuesday. He would definitely be able to achieve something.

At that moment, a notification popped up on Aili Island’s application.

The UP Master whom he had been paying special attention had uploaded a new video!

Pei Qian’s expression changed.

That was because Teacher Qiao had posted the video, and the title was ‘Game Discussion: The Lucky Draw’!

However, after reading the title of the game, Pei Qian relaxed a little.

Fortunately, it was not a video from the Products of the Gods series.