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Horikita answered, trying to get her to back off, and looked out the window.

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“Please tell me something. All I heard from my friends and the teachers were that there was a fight.”

Although I hesitated for a bit, I knew that there wasn’t much information out there and decided to explain how the three class C students called out Sudou, got beat up, turned it around on him, and how two versions of the story were reported to the school. Ichinose listened to the whole store seriously.

“I see, so that’s what happened. That news hasn’t come to class B yet. I see, I see… Hey, isn’t this a huge problem? It doesn’t matter who lied, since it’s a case of violence anyway. Shouldn’t you discover the truth?”

“That’s why we’re here in the first place, but we haven’t discovered much.”

It’s not a murder scene, so I didn’t think there were any hints left over, but we did get some results, contrary to our expectations.

“So, you’re believing Sudou-kun because he’s your friend and your classmate. And therefore this case has become a case of false accusation to class D.”

It would be hard for Ichinose, a third party, to understand that it wasn’t because he was our friend or because he was our classmate. But I’m not going to explain that much.

“What would you do if Sudou-kun was the one lying? For example, what if there was evidence that clearly proved he was guilty?”

“I would honestly report it. After all, such a lie would only bite us in the back later.”

“Yea, I agree.”

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It’s not like Ichinose would be affected anyway.

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“Then we’re good, right? Since you got what you wanted.”

She spoke quickly, as if she wanted to turn her away as fast as possible.